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Assalamualaikum, hello people. :) Sahira, 15, Malaysia. PMR 2012.
May this girl get 8as in trial and PMR. Aamin.

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I'm back. :)

Assaamualaikum. hello :D

I'm back with a new appearance. Huhu. Alhamduillah trial was over. Was expecting for lot of As. Was hoping for 8. But yeah, its all about rezeki. Kunfayakun, if Allah said yes, then forever it will be. :)

Well, but atleast 6As should be okay in order to apply SBP and MRSM right. Huhu k i dont have any story to tell. Kbai, pray for me, for tons of upcoming exam!

I deleted all of my previous posts cuz awesome kid did. Lol no, i just wanna start things all over again. Hihi.

An inspiring quote. Stay strong.